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unlike yourself

living on a prayer

1 August
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3000gt, angels, animals, anime, answers, anything expensive, anything free, artificial flavoring, athf, bad acting, bad excuses, being alone, being appreciated, being happy, best friends, brak, breaking crayons, candle wax, change, charity, cherry coke, children, clowns, computers, continuity, contrasting colors, corn syrup, cosplay, cursing ignorance, dehydrated food, dr pepper, drama, dreaming, eating out, eating snow, electric fans, equality, excitement, family guy, ferrets, finding change, finding my keys, finger drumming, flying, fraggle rock, friends, funny accents, gaming, getting dizzy, going for walks, going out with friends, going places, ham sandwiches, helping other people, hugs, jelly beans, justice, kicking my crappy truck, laughing, lava lamps, letting balloons go, letting people win, lightswitch raves, linkin park, loosing things, lotr, love, making people laugh, matrix, middle english, money, mountain dew, movies, napping, old photo albums, orange soda, oxymorons, permanent markers, photography, plastic army men, playdough, playing dumb, poems, pointless quotes, pretending, procrastination, questions, quiet time, rain, reading popsicle jokes, reminiscing, ren and stimpy, ribs, root beer, running, shimmer, silence, silicon, singing on the bus, skating, sleep, smelling rain, smilies, soccer, sprite remix, staying up late, strawberry icecream, stupid stuff, superballs, superstition, surprising people, symbolism, tacky comebacks, tacos, taking chances, telephone tag, television, the beach, triumph, twinkies, underdogs, vampire hunter d, vertical horizon, wasting time, water parks, wembly, whispering, windy days, women, zebra cakes